Dry carpet cleaning utilizes specialized machines and chemical technologies to clean carpets with very low moisture or no moisture at all, resulting in the removal of dirt, stains, sand, grit, and allergens. Carpets should be cleaned thoroughly to make it long-lasting, visually pleasing and to prevent health-related concerns associated with poorly maintained carpets. Dry carpet cleaning uses green technologies such as encapsulation, requiring less training, easier to use, work better, less re-soiling and save more money and time as compared to traditional methods.

Dry carpet cleaning methods rely on the action of dry compounds which are complemented through the application of cleaning solutions, with faster drying time. Very low moisture (VLM) and dry-cleaning systems require less intensive labor and are faster than wet-extraction systems. The emulsifiers or detergents are referred to as pre-conditioners, pre-treatments or traffic lane cleaners are sprayed into the carpet which destroys soil binding to carpet fibers in a short period of time. Once the chemicals are dissolved, the soils are removed through vacuuming. Pre-treatments can be added with a solvent like petroleum byproducts, d-limonene, buty agents or glycol ethers, and the amount of time usually takes less than fifteen minutes. Carpet brushing provides agitation to make sure that the pre-treatment works thoroughly into the carpet’s inner layers.

When it comes to the dry compound, it is biodegradable and absorbent that is evenly spread over the carpet, then the carpet is scrubbed or brushed. Household hand brush can be used for smaller areas attracting carpet grime, dirt and pile into the absorbent compound and vacuumed, leaving your carpet dry and clean. A counter-rotating and cylindrical brushing system are utilized for commercial applications. For solvent extraction, a d-limonene cleaner is sprayed into the carpet, and then a dwelling time of five to ten minutes is set. The carpet is extracted with the use of acid rinse solution via a hot water extraction machine, wherein triple dry strokes are done to ensure a low drying time.

Encapsulation is favorable when it comes to high-traffic needs, equipment cost, operator training and lack of wet residue. It keeps your carpet cleaner for a longer period as compared to other dry cleaning methods. Encapsulation involves using polymers that act by crystallizing residues so they are vacuumed immediately. This is so far the newest dry cleaning method used today by commercial carpet cleaning companies. If you need more information about carpet cleaning companies, we are here to help you out.

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpet_cleaning for more information.


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